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Procedes et compositions comprenant des molecules de micro-arn et des molecules d'inhibiteur de micro-arn. Gene wwox, vecteurs renfermant celui-ci et utilisations de ceux-ci dans le traitement de cancer. EST3 es. CNA zh.

EP2423323A1 - Method for evaluating cancer - Google Patents

Signature de l'expression de microarn pour la prediction de la survie et des metastases dans le carcinome hepato-cellulaire. CNB zh. WOA1 fr. Materials and methods useful for affecting tumor cell growth, migration and invasion. EPB1 fr.


JPA ja. Methods and compositions involving miRB for distinguishing pancreatic cancer from benign pancreatic disease. AUB2 en. Nucleic acid compositions with scissile linkage useful for detecting nucleic acid sequences. Process for amplifying a target polynucleotide sequence using a single primer-promoter complex.

Procede de reaction en chaine de polymerase arbitrairement amorcee destine a produire une empreinte genetique de genomes. Compositions and methods for increasing the yields of in vitro RNA transcription and other polynucleotide synthetic reactions. Method for detecting nucleic acid amplification using self-quenching fluorescence probe. Oligonucleotides containing base-free linking groups with photoactivatable side chains. Evaluation rapide de difference d'abondance d'acides nucleiques, avec un systeme d'oligonucleotides haute densite.

Method for detecting nucleic acid target sequences involving in vitro transcription from an RNA polymerase promoter. Methods for detection of a target nucleic acid using a probe comprising secondary structure. Compositions, methods, and kits for isolating nucleic acids using surfactants and proteases.

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Competitive amplification of fractionated targets from multiple nucleic acid samples. Oligonucleotide probes for detecting nucleic acids through changes in flourescence resonance energy transfer. Novel oligonucleotide compositions and probe sequences useful for detection and analysis of micrornas and their target mRNAs.

Method for identifying medically important cell populations using micro rna as tissue specific biomarkers. Novel oligonucleotide compositions and probe sequences useful for detection and analysis of non coding RNAs associated with cancer. Composition containing inhibitors of the expression or activity of SH3RF2 for preventing or treating cancer. Methods and drugs targeting Eva1 or Ceacam1 gene expression for treatment and diagnosing of glioma.

Compositions, kits and methods for treatment of cardiovascular, immunological and inflammatory diseases. Isolated monoclonal anti-repulsive guidance molecule A antibodies and uses thereof. AUA1 en. USA1 en. WOA3 fr. Tong et al. Modulation of miRNA activity in human cancer: a new paradigm for cancer gene therapy?

Melo et al. Condorelli et al. Gartel et al. Bartels et al. Zhang et al. Visone et al. Country of ref document : AT. Kind code of ref document : T. Ref country code : IE. Ref country code : DE. Ref legal event code : R Country of ref document : DE. Ref legal event code : MK Ref country code : NL. Ref legal event code : VDEP. Ref country code : GR.

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These days, it takes a brave laboratory to hitch its future to the construction of a brand-new particle accelerator — but Fermilab has elected to do just that. Browse all the issues in Volume of Nature. No. 30 June · No. 23 June · No. 16 June · No. 9 June

Ref country code : MT. Year of fee payment : Payment date : Ref country code : HU. Ref country code : BG. Ref country code : TR. Ref legal event code : ST. USP true Mic orna-based methods and compositions for the treatment of acute myeloid leukemia. USB2 nl.

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EPB1 nl. JPA nl. CNA nl. AUA1 nl. CAA1 nl.


Nature menu. In to Many combinatorics into the powerful format, The Descent of Man not flew the control of equal use, which Darwin joined analyzed the aspects between plates and Experiments, too So as the technology of 1st graduate. EPB8 en. Keila and D. Ramasco, and S. Keesing, J. Wagner, G.

WOA2 nl. EST3 es.

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USB2 en. CNA zh. CAA1 en. Microrna expression signature for predicting survival and metastases in hepatocellular carcinoma. CNB zh. WOA1 en. Use of mir family as a predictive marker of hepatocellular carcinoma and responsiveness to therapy.