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Learn React
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He asked me extraordinarily hard, specific questions about JavaScript.

Learn React

It was bad. Like crying afterwards bad. I wanted the job, but by this point I mostly wanted to survive the interview without collapsing in front of a bunch of people.

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I remember them explaining why: they loved everything I talked about; I could talk strategy, semantics, and style. So what?

Create React App

Why did I just share all of this? I know I have a lot of work to do to get better at React, and JavaScript in general.

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I have a hunch there are lots of people who are dedicated to writing great UI code but may feel intimidated swimming in JS-only waters. JavaScript is eating the world and the rest of the frontend stack with it.

Those server-side languages people used to write in? We do that in JS now too.

He quickly filed an issue. Every page of this guide is hosted for free on GitHub and it covers a lot of best practices for new developers. Just note this guide does not hold your hand or wait for you to keep up. Every tutorial I find on the TutsPlus site is phenomenal.

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They publish incredibly detailed content solving very specific problems, and most of the time you can follow these guides in a step-by-step fashion which is handy for beginners. The TutsPlus React category has dozens of tutorials ranging from the complete basics to more advanced app dev guides.

The Basics

If you prefer learning concepts from the ground up, check out our Overview will teach you the fundamentals of React: components, props, and state. How to learn React is high on the agenda for plenty of JavaScript developers for this year. The recent State of JS survey has shown that many.

This vid is only one hour long but it should get you comfortable with the basics of React. But you will walk away knowing how React functions and thinking in a more React-oriented manner. Tip: check the related videos you see in the sidebar of this video. Many of those are also great and well worth your time. The React Training site is yet another half-free and half-premium resource for learning React.

Start Learning React

This works like an online course series where you can study topics along with other students, and the best free course is React Fundamentals. The idea behind Codementor is pretty simple.

www.dangkythuoc.com/includes/wodizimy/tem-como-rastrear-iphone.php You pair up with a digital mentor who helps you work through different projects and libraries. But these sessions usually cost money, so to help beginners without a budget, Codementor shares free written tutorials on their blog. You can browse through all their React tuts and pick through any topics that interest you. Lastly, I have to include this massive React. These free resources are just my personal recommendations but the React community is constantly changing and awesome new tutorials are published every year.

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