Alternative Medicine?: A History

Alternative Medicine?: A History
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Accessed May 17, Naturopathy, pseudoscience, and medicine: Myths and fallacies vs truth. Medscape General Medicine 6 1 : Baggoley, C.

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Busato, A.

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Lifelines: Complementary and Alternative Medicine

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Deyo, K. Sherman, et al. Characteristics of visits to licensed acupuncturists, chiropractors, massage therapists, and naturopathic physicians. Collyer, F. The corporatisation and commercialisation of CAM.

get link In Mainstreaming complementary and alternative medicine , edited by P. Tovey, G.

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Allopathic medicine Alternative medical systems Mind—body intervention Biologically-based therapy Manipulative methods Energy therapy. Bies, R. Availability of evidence of benefits on overall survival and quality of life of cancer drugs approved by European Medicines Agency: Retrospective cohort study of drug approvals Likewise, women with septic shock are more likely to die in hospital than men Pietropaoli et al. Namespaces Article Talk. Gender Medicine 7 5 : — Yale School of Medicine.

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History of alternative medicine - Wikipedia

Naci, E. Gurpinar, E. Poplavska, A. Pinto, and A. Availability of evidence of benefits on overall survival and quality of life of cancer drugs approved by European Medicines Agency: Retrospective cohort study of drug approvals BMJ j Drew, J. The myth of female sexual dysfunction and its medicalization.

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Eardley, S. Bishop, P. Prescott, et al. A systematic literature review of complementary and alternative medicine prevalence in EU. Complementary Medicine Research 19 Suppl. Ells, C.

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Foucault, feminism, and informed choice. Journal of Medical Humanities 24 3—4 : — Epstein, D. When evidence says no, but doctors say yes. ProPublica and The Atlantic. Accessed July 30, Ernst, E. Complementary Therapies in Medicine 8 1 : 32— Rise in popularity of complementary and alternative medicine: Reasons and consequences for vaccination. Vaccine S90—S A systematic review of systematic reviews of homeopathy. British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology 54 6 : — Spiritual healing: More than meets the eye. Journal of Pain and Symptom Management 32 5 : — Chiropractic: A critical evaluation. Journal of Pain and Symptom Management 35 5 : — Acupuncture: What does the most reliable evidence tell us?

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Medicine is Patriarchal, But Alternative Medicine is Not the Answer

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