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Ok, you can see where the problems are straight away. Some pretty serious foxing going on on the dust jacket — very prominent in the discoloration of what should be a white spine. This is highlighted below where you can see the impact of the foxing quite markedly.

Significant block browning as per usual with the cheap acidic stock that GP used in their later years. If we look at the top and bottom we can see this theme continued. It does sit square though there is damage to the spine extremities and along the edges of the boards. And if you look carefully below the dust jacket is wearing very thin at these points. Thank goodness for dust jacket covers. The boards themselves are succumbing to what must has been a damp environment at some stage in the past. Some mildewey-looking spots there.

This is the worst area on the book, but it is all over the boards to a lesser extent. And there is what looks to be an oil stain along the bottom edges. A couple of cool things about this publication. Check out the half-moon designs on only the odd-page upper corners and their sprinkling on the beginning pages for each story.

go I like this kind of thing and kudos to Gnome Press for these little touches. Likewise the off-beat embossing on the spine. Good read it is too. GP Edition Notes: 1st edition so stated on copyright page.

Agent of Vega and Other Stories

Comments: Looks great from a distance but unfortunately has those insidious flaws — foxing and staining. Expand Upon: wikipedia. I finished Journey to Infinity and am currently working on the review. Well, all good vacations have to come to an end. There were some goodies waiting for me though. The provenance relates to The Dawning Light which I picked up late last year. Many thanks Joe, much appreciated. Just on the point of provenance, I try to ask all of the people I get the books from if they can supply any. Everything has a history and I enjoy knowing and sharing the anecdotes or interesting snippets or whatever about these books.

It gives them life and makes them real in a way that is different than the stories do. Perhaps only a select few are worthy of being called historic in terms of literature, but as a whole they do occupy a special place in the history of science fiction publishing. I am very happy with Sands, but a little disappointed with the other two. Not in terms of actually having them, but in terms of what I offered. I think I offered a little too much for them, especially since subsequently what looked to be a nicer copy of Vortex went unbid on eBay.

Regardless, I will be very happy to see them in the library when I get home and I was happy to virtually meet Geoff who was very pleasant to deal with and a good guy.

Title: Agent of Vega & Other Stories

Mass Market Paper Back. Skip to content. The author's first book. Final story The Second Night of Summer was the weakest. You can check a for address and copy your engines. Seller Inventory Consequently my activity on the GP front has been a little meager lately.

He sent me a copy of one of his CDs. They were helped by their ships, bristling with hidden armament and piloted by robot brains of high intelligence. But their main weapon was that the minds of their opponents were open books to them.

This series contains examples of:

Agent of Vega & Other Stories [James H. Schmitz] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. After the fall of the Galactic Empire, the Vegan. Agent of Vega & Other Stories book. Read 21 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Volume 5 of the collected works of James H. Schmitz.

Not all of the Agents of Vega were human, but they were the most powerful telepaths the Galaxy had ever known. More Books by James H. This is a collection of James H. Schmitz short stories published in Astrology Magazine. A good collection and wonderful read. Feb 21, Dirk rated it liked it Shelves: science-fiction-collection , telepathy. An uneven collection, centering on telepathy stories of which the first four -the most pleasant to read- were previously published as 'Agent of Vega'.

Aug 30, Mayank Agarwal rated it really liked it Shelves: favorites , sci-fiction , short-story. Mix bag of short stories, all have brilliant plots and innovative sci-fi premises just that James H. Schmitz tends to deviate from the main story line too often, also his fight scenes are always confusing and a bit too intelligent.

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The writing style varies from stories to stories as they were compilations of his storytelling from across his career, the latter ones are more polished. The collection has one of my all-time favorite read.

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Had been searching for it for quite some time as I had read i Mix bag of short stories, all have brilliant plots and innovative sci-fi premises just that James H. Found the idea of the main plot about the pyramid scheme to be brilliant, just it could be better explained. Also I felt too much care was taken to handle the conclusion, with the power gap and gadgets the agents have, it should have been over in minutes. While I liked the protagonist being a granny having a rhino as a sidekick, the villains and how they were handled was hardly explained leading to a disappointing ending.

Got lots of interesting intrigue and mystery going about it, kept out guessing myself on who was playing whom and for what. The whole lab scene was too confusing for me to even imagine what was going on. Still the ending thoughts on what really happened seemed interesting. May 11, Joy rated it liked it. I got it because I liked Schmitz's Telzey Amberdon books. The 4 novellas in this book also include the element of telepathy. Their heroes are undercover agents of the send-one-agent-to-deal-with-one-war type. Some of them were hard to sort out in my mind because Schmitz was keeping his secrets.

The catchiest opening comes from "The Truth About Cushgar". There was, for a time, a good deal of puzzled and uneasy speculation about the methods that had been employed by the Confederacy of Vega in the taming of Cushgar. The disturbing part of it was that nothing really seemed to have happened! First, the rumor was simply that the Confederacy was preparing to move into Cushgar - and then, suddenly, that it had moved in.

This aroused surprised but pleased interest in a number of areas bordering the confederacy. The Thousand Nations and a half-dozen similar organizations quietly flexed their military muscles, and prepared to land in the middle of the Confederacy's back as soon as it became fairly engaged in its ambitious new project. For Cushgar and the Confederacy seemed about as evenly matched as any two powers could possibly be. But there was no engagement, then.

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There was not even anything resembling an official surrender. Star system by system, mighty Cushgar was accepting the governors installed by the Confederacy. Meekly, it coughed up what was left of the captive peoples and the loot it had pirated for the past seven centuries.

And, very simply and quietly then, under the eyes of a dumfounded galaxy, it settled down and began mending its manners. Shelves: sf , space-opera. These are some of James H. Schmitz's early stories, written from the late s through the early s. Several of the stories are loosely interconnected -- the "Vega" stories -- others are "stand-alones.

Several of these stories involve concepts that would fit perfectly in stories written today, fifty years late. He was also unusual -- especially for his day -- in writing about strong female lead characters, even strong elderly female characters. Hi These are some of James H. His biggest weakness is his tendency to go off on tangents during his stories. Imaginitive, well-told tangents, but "left turns" nonetheless.

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This can make it a little difficult to follow along. I find it much easier to follow the stories, and appreciate them, today than I did when I first encountered many of these stories fifty years ago.