Accent on Angles: Easy Strip-Set Quilts

Accent on Angles: Easy Strip-Set Quilts
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Do what works for you, and use it! The rolling cart drawers hold pre-cut squares and bricks, and one drawer for left over odd sized triangles. I sort my strips in sizes of 1. They don't play nicely with others! I consider a strip anything about 12" or longer. Anything shorter than that gets cut into squares and bricks. I have 1. A brick is the height of one square, with the width of 2 squares, plus seam allowance.

If you wanted larger bricks, another useful size would be 3. My 2" strips are this way. One bin for light 2" strips, and one bin for darks. I haven't separated the others yet, I'd need more drawers!

Accent on Angles

I do have the 2. The 2" squares are all thrown in a bin together as are the 3. I just don't have so many of them yet to need more than one bin for them. Some people are really into collecting "nickel squares". Look at the block mock ups, see what the units are constructed of, use the pattern as an idea, but see what you can do with your strips and squares easier and faster because they are already cut and waiting for you to dig into!

A lot of your scraps aren't going to be big enough to cut nickel squares out of in the first place If you really want to slice up larger pieces, this is the way to go. Cut a few slices of different sizes and feed them into their bins! You'll be using those strips in no time. I needed a gazillion 1. Once this top was born, I still had a lot of left over strips!

No problem, I knew I could do 4 patches and 9 patches and rail fences and other things with them. Bin 1 was born!

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I thought about a quilt I wanted to do that could use 2" strips, so for the next while I started trimming things down to THAT size I was off and cutting for bin 2! What I suggest you do is find a pattern And start taming your scraps with that pattern in mind.

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If you are cutting across a piece of fabric for 2. If your scraps overwhelm you, try this Then reward yourself and go sew something :c.

Accent on Angles, Easy Strip-Set Quilts by Susan Purney Mark | | Booktopia

When trimming something you really HATE? Don't be afraid to throw it out if the fabric content or quality is questionable..

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I have a baby panel which has many animals and is really a cute scene. New to the game! Reply: I use several quilting techniques to get accurate …. I wish there was one, dynamite, go-to removal …. I am about to purchase a machine for quilting and am overwhelmed with the choices out there. The pattern has 2 sizes, lap and queen with 10 different ways to choose your fabrics, from one row fabric, background fabric and edge up to 4 row fabrics and multiple fat quarters for the background. About Susan Purney Mark.

No guilt there! Something you aren't sure you like, but don't want to toss out? My rule? If it's still ugly, you just didn't cut it small enough! Cut it as narrow as possible! By the time you take the seams you've only got 1" of fabric showing. And don't forget something I learned from trying watercolor quilts It doesn't look too bad from this far, does it? It seems I am always trimming down some leftovers from something and putting them into this bin or that bin. Right now I've got the left over borders from a quilt, a long 5" wide piece of left over border, and a strip of 2" inner border Anything 6" or wider I fold and tuck in with the FQ's.

I clean up after every quilt this way and keep channeling things into their proper spaces. It always gives me something new to work into my scraps! I like to think of my scrap strips like sourdough starter. You know, to make a batch of sourdough bread, you take some starter, add it to the recipe Even though I am continually using my scraps, I continue to add back to them with the trimmings from other projects, pieces of binding, borders, sashings, backings, and other pieces from block construction.

Cleaning up after a quilt is finished, trimming down those pieces and adding them back into the scraps is part of the process for me! Now that you are thinking about sorting your scraps and making them useable, you need to think about how to USE them! I am always on the lookout for patterns and ideas that will use what I have already cut, rather than the other way around. Most people see a pattern first, decide to make it, then go to their stash to pull fabrics. Well, my fabrics are ready, I just need to find the pattern that is out there waiting to use it.

Most blocks can be broken down into grid units. A 4-patch is a 2X2 grid. A 9-patch is a 3X3 grid You can make any block any size with the grid system. This dynamic quilt is a true skill builder!

There is plenty of cutting and piecing to keep your focus as the technically basic blocks combine to create an intricate look that is spectacular. This is a good project for dramatic color choices. Two jelly rolls and two yards of fabric are all that is needed to make this gorgeous 78" quilt!! Teaching Points Fabric selection must come from the jelly rolls selected - this helps with color decisions in future quilts Cutting diamond shapes from strips sets using basic ruler and rotary cutter Sewing diamond shapes to create star Set in corners Two day class.

Sew There! Basic beginner blocks and a loose approach to design introduce quilters to the process of making an original creation. Instructions are provided for the blocks and possible layout options, from there the sky is the limit.

Jelly Roll Quilts and Throws

The size depends on the size strips selected for the blocks. Creative Grid curve ruler makes the curve cutting simple and accurate. Let your colors spin out of control and leave plenty of space for beautiful quilting around the edges. Teaching Points: Easy strip piecing of log cabin blocks Cutting and sewing curves Blocks set on diagonal Scrap happy fabric selection. Build Your Own Log Cabin Build the cabin of your dreams - perfectly square and color coordinated or scrappy, wonky and full of curves! This classic block suits itself to any skill of quilter and every color combination you can imagine!

Everyone should make at least one! If you have delayed working on this quilt, now is the time to learn different approaches and a relaxed way of assembling blocks to make the process fun. There is no pattern, just a lovely workshop with loads of ideas and pointers on different tools to try,. This pattern takes the basic four patch on a whirlwind trip with Virginia Reel blocks to create a stunning quilt that only uses 5 fabrics. Teaching Points: Directional design in simple blocks Combining simple 4 patch blocks with pieced blocks for secondary effect There is more than one kind of 4 patch block!

Fabric selection is a snap - only 5 fabrics are required. Pathway to the Stars Simple blocks combine to create a stunning intricate design in this quilt.

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Accent on Angles: Easy Strip-Set Quilts [Susan Purney Mark] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Designer Susan Purney Mark makes. Accent on Angles book. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers . Designer Susan Purney Mark makes brilliant use of strip sets and angled c.

Several border ideas give options for making larger variations. You must be logged in to add a pattern. Out of all the different precuts out there, our readers love quilting with jelly rolls the most. And it's not hard to see why! This quilting precut is created out of long strips, allowing you to quilt a piece that features a variety of patterns and colors. Plus, these fun and expressive patterns are fast and easy, since you don't have to worry about cutting your strips. In addition to our fan favorite jelly roll quilts, we've included some unusual patterns below like a striped jumper, a unique basketweave throw, and more!

But, the best thing about the super fast jelly roll quilts in this collection is that they're free quilt patterns hand-selected for readers like you. These jelly roll quilt patterns are going to look stunning in your home. Cuddle up under one of these lovely free quilting patterns. This pieced quilt incorporates an eye-catching design idea that places your jelly roll strips as the center of attention. You can use one jelly roll, or mix and match old scraps to create a bright and unique quilt pattern.

Get This Pattern. The Jelly Roll Braid Quilt is an amazing addition to add to your living room couch or bedroom. This free jelly roll quilt pattern uses a colorful jelly roll of batiks to make a traditional French braid quilt. After sewing the strips onto each other in an ever-lengthening braid pattern, you will trim the edges down to get one long braid strip. Children and adults alike will be thrilled with the fun primary-color design of this Ravishing Rail Picnic Quilt. Simply start by separating your jelly roll quilt patterns into four eye-catching color categories and begin to piece them into bright quilt block patterns.

The Raggedy Basketweave Quilt is a creative quilt pattern that combines elements of rag quilting, quilt-as-you-go methods, and cheater quilts. Rather than piecing the top, you'll stitch strips of fabric or jelly roll directly on to your batting and backing.

How to Join Binding Strips - Quilting